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Expert Witnessing Course

The online expert witness training course was developed to provide in-depth guidance for successful expert witness preparation beginning with the pre-trial process, preparing for trial, and the courtroom drama. The self-paced course features seasoned expert witnesses, a practicing lawyer, and a social psychologist that specializes in witness preparation. With their diverse backgrounds and vast knowledge and experience in expert witnessing, these presenters offer advice on all aspects of the legal process. Visit for more information.

Expert Witnessing Book

The 5th edition of the Effective Expert Witnessing book by Dr. Jack V. Matson serves as the companion text for the course and discounted pricing is available with purchase of the short course.

The Effective Expert Witnessing book explores the fundamentals of litigation, trial preparation, courtroom presentation, and the business of expert witnessing. Extensively updated to reflect new developments since the last edition, it provides practical advice enabling expert witnesses and attorneys to maximize the effectiveness of their expert testimony. Visit for more information.

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